Our Compliments

Great service and staff. Helped with my condition within a 5 sessions over 2 and a half months.

Arun Prakash

14 April 2020

I came in by accident looking for another place… but thank God I stopped by. Staff is very friendly and very helpful. I had a nagging hip problem on my left side. Physicians were very quick to identify the problem. It also helps that the physicians helping me recover were national athletes. So they understood how to treat me. happy to report that my nagging pain is not nagging me anymore. This post is a bit late but I will always be grateful to Dynamique Sports Rehab Centre and everyone there for helping me recover efficiently.

Papi Zak

17 Oct 2019

Dyamique help me recovered from my foot injury through physiotherapy and sport massage that relive muscle stiffness. When I got better   #teamDynamique  kick started series of strength & conditioning training, which had helped strengthen my weak muscles to prevent reoccurrence. #teamDynamique are friendly, I’m enjoying training at Dynamique its joyful and filled with laughter. They even sometimes has “kids” that train with us. I’m getting stronger since April. Currently, I’m training for Langkawi 70.3 triathlon. Thanks #teamDynamique that provided pro-athlete experience to us.

Karen Cheong

24 July 2019

Experienced and trained specialists in rehab and strengthening. I sprained my knee and ankle while skiing a year ago. The team at dynamique first helped with physiotherapy to ease the pain, followed by rehab by building strength in specific muscles to prevent reoccurrence. This year, I was able to return to skiing with more muscle awareness, and more stablility in the knees and ankles. So glad I can join my family in outdoor activities again, without falling into a limp !

Lee Ai-Lin

14 Jan 2018

I have experienced amazing results at Dynamique and highly recommends them.

I came to Dynamique due to a back pain which persisted for 8 mths after some sports injury. I have tried multiple treatment options (physiotherapy, chiropractor, orthopaedic, massage therapy) but all provided only temporary and minimal pain relief.

I truly appreciate the customized solution that Dynamique provides as I believe that every problem varies and a ‘one size fits all’ solution simply does not work for everyone.

Another big plus point was that I have also learned so much about working out correctly as they teach you proper form for every single movement.

Chow Yen Nee

16 Apr 2016

Geniuses! The team are well qualified and experienced, they know what they’re doing. I’ve learned so much about my body and they’ve helped me overcome muscle weakness and sciatica. They surpass all physiotherapists I’ve ever had in New Zealand and Tokyo. I would recommend them to everyone who is experiencing any sort of pain or who wants to be stronger! Thank you so much! Anne-Marie Kininmonth,

04 Sept 2015

The staff and environment are great! Knowledgeable, helpful and will explain to your questions in detail. My injury has recovered and I felt better in terms of sports performance and also muscle strength and endurance. Strongly recommend for those who wish to improve their muscle strength and endurance, as well as recover from sports injury. Ryan Tan

22 Oct 2015

Best place ever for sports injuries. Physio sessions and strengthening sessions are challenging but results in speedy yet strong recovery in short period of time. Credit goes to physio and trainers.

Kalaiarasy Subramaniam

24 June 2020

I was suffering from heel pain for months. Tried many treatments, but nothing worked. Started treatments with Dynamique two months ago, and I have been able to stand and walk comfortably and without pain.
They are attentive and genuinely looking after my needs and ensure I truly understand the needs of each treatment so I understand my body better. Highly recommended and you’ll definitely notice the improvement.

Sylvia Low

18 Oct 2019




Teh Bee Sim

23 Nov 2018

Thank you for dynamique team giving good sport massage for my little daughter 8yrs old before she going to rhythmic gymnastic competition. She really feeling good her body after the massage.The team are friendly and experienced. Honey Bavitaa Kavitha

07 May 2018

The great gals and guys there helped me in 2 parts for my first Ironman at Langkawi. Part 1: pain relief & pain management – they not only lessen the pain during the physio session but also taught me how to manage the pain/swelling should the problem spot flare up after my daily training. Part 2: rehab and prehab – we work on the problem spot either by strengthening the underlying muscles that could be / indirectly causing the pain. We also worked on building strength and stability around other vulnerable areas that may cause me problems in the future.e, and keep up the great work!

Lim Chee Siang

15 Dec 2017

Got a bad ankle injury after a nasty tackle in a football game. It’s been my first major injury in football as I always pay extra attention to my pre/post-game nutrition and recovery; so the idea of not being able to walk (let alone playing football!) hit me reeaally hard and felt odd.
Started physiotherapy at Dynamique the day after (on a Sunday! they were there) and they’re just great. My physio, Shen, patiently treated my injury and explained things so I could understand my injury better.
I also like the fact that most of the personnel are athletes, so I can trust they’ll fix my ankle not only for me to survive as a human but also for being able to play football again 😂
BTW they offer discounts if you’re part of a sports club.

Sina Meraji

28 June 2017

Finally! I found the right place that will help me to rehabilitate my sports related injuries. I have been suffering from lower back pains for the longest time and now I’m relieved and comforted by the fact that I have found dynamique center.It’s a sports clinic with a team of professionals who take good care of you. They not only address your immediate concerns but they also tell you what you need to know to improve your performance and take care of your body. Recal Adazol

30 Aug 2016

I had a 3cm tear in my back during dragon boat training for SEA Games 2019. I went for treatment at various places but none worked out for me for my recovery. A friend recommended Dynamique to me and since then, I have full mobility and use of my back and have resumed training. Many of the staff are also active in their related sports fields and I trust in their knowledge both physically and theoretically to get me back on my feet again. Do give this passionate bunch a try!

Pei Lyn

11 March 2020

With Karen we have a long history of work, friendship and trust. I know her and her experiences vith sports injuries very well. That is why i believe her knowledge implicitly and after my athlete got injured i did not even need to think. My athlete pulled a muscle in lower back, we are in the middle of heavy lifting period and i needed him back in training fast. We went to Dynamique immediately and after 3 long and demanding physiotherapy sessions and necessary advising my athlete was back in training and could lift and throw without fear and pain. My sincere thanks to Karen and whole Dynamique team, they are such a friendly and positive people. I rate your service 6 stars from 5

Fero Petrovic

17 Oct 2019

I got to know Dynamique Rehab as one of Perkeso’s Panel. I’ve been doing my physiotherapy session for my left thigh for the past 3 months and the result is I am able to walk straight as usual. Thanks to all therapists and trainers.

Really recommended for those who is seeking for muscle strengthening and rehab.

Yeldefri Sukri

17 Oct 2019

Honestly, this is the ideal place for sport rehabilitation, physiotherapy and muscle strengthening for enhanced performance in your sport. I first started as a small little swimmer when i was 13 years old, and came to Dynamique to strenghten my muscles as i was not strong enough to compete against other swimmers.

Over the years, Karen and her team not only strengthened me, but made me understand the science of my body as an athlete, which played as a huge contributing factor in my improvement. During the time i was 14, my 200m backstroke time improved 25 seconds over the period of one year! This brought me from being an unknown swimmer that nobody knew, to winning 6 gold medals in the recent FOBISIA games, where I competed with schools from other parts of South East Asia.

My progress was all because of the enthusiastic team at Dynamique Sports Rehab Centre, where they proved to me that they were incomparably more experienced and patient, compared to other centres I have been to. Their ability to correct little mistakes in the way I executed my exercises was key to my improvent as it helped to strengthen small muscles, thus preventing future injuries. Thank you Dynamique.

Nigel Leong Zhuoxian

13 Jan 2018

The team at Dynamique are highly qualified and professional. They have experience and expertise in a multitude of disciplines which make Dynamique ideally placed to be able to cater for many varying clients. The growing team at Dynamique all share the desire to be the best and help their clients perform at their very best. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and equipment used is of a very high standard.

I joined Dynamique in November 2015, nervous and unfit and I was made to feel welcome and valued from my very first session. The trainers are fantastic, knowledgeable and very motivating! I now go 3 – 4 times a week. Clients who attend are of varying ability and are all working towards their own specialised programme. I love getting stronger and my fitness had increased considerably. The workouts challenge me to improve and every session is different, results are great and I would recommend Dynamique to everyone. Most importantly, I am still exercising!! …this has proved that attending Dynamique has proved far more worthwhile than a gym membership!

Raquel Barchick

17 Jan 2016

Dynamique has helped me to grow stronger and helped me shed 4kg of fat and gained 2kg of muscle in just 1 month!! I had slip disc in 2019 and was apprehensive when it comes to exercising. Thanks to the 1:1 training by my trainers, I’ve learnt what are the exercises I can do without injuring myself

Amy Wang

6 June 2020

My companion in active life. The staffs are welcoming and attentive to problems and symptoms. No fancy or fun exercises but high volume of grinding movements which eventually pay off. Over the course of 7 months with the team, they have helped me through pain management, injury prevention and notably below
– hunch back posture improvement
– elbow tendonitis
– rehab back to sport from high impact accident

At certain level in sports, it is great to have a partner who helps with maintenance side of your body and not just diving too deep into training. Five stars.

Kong Warin

23 Oct 2019

 Love the massage services provided by therapist Akmal! Coupled with the consultation provided by consultant JS, they both identified my problem areas and provided targeted treatment allowing efficient rehab from my injuries! Detailed examination and caring treatments! Highly recommend these professional services! 

Mei Hsiang

26 Jan 2018

I think I found the solution to my cramp issues. Sport massage a.k.a deep tissue massage just right. For someone who is active in sport but too little knowledge to know how to manage your muscle recovery, you should visit here. They can explain and they do the work well.

Hup Lim

17 Jan 2018

I had a bad shin splint for my both legs for the past six months and went for treatment it in a multiple ways but the problem keep coming back. It was so suffering for a runner that couldn’t run at all at that time. At last i heard about Dynamique has helped resolve my shin issues after a six sessions with physio and strengthening. Those guys at Dynamique are fantastic and cool. Thank you for helping me so i can start running back even stronger and confident now. Peter Low

10 July 2017

Perfect place for anyone who injured, after surgery, need to strengthen body/muscles for health & sports purposes. The enthusiastic & experienced team are ever ready to assist & guide unselfishly. My son started recovery seasons with Dynamique when suffering basketball game injury at end 2015. He thereafter continued with strengthening programs & sport massages which really helpful in all his sports activities. Till today, he enjoys & looks forward to every session at Dynamique. Thank you Dynamique! Connie Swan

19 July 2017