Our Story

Ever since Dynamique was born, we have worked hard to bring to life our vision of delivering primary health care services and integrated sports rehabilitation to facilitate sports recovery as well as to restore optimal function of sporting and general population. We expanded to providing strength and conditioning training to athletes and sportsman to enhance their performance and minimize injury.

Our centre is the point where academic knowledge, clinical experience and new research are combined to produce leading edge and evidence based practice for pain management, sports injury (orthopaedic and musculoskeletal) management and prevention, and encouragement of healthy and active life style.

 At Dynamique, our professional team are providing a wide range of cost effective and non-invasive solutions to help you in your sports rehabilitation journey to get back to sports field, school and work, pre-and post-surgery recovering, enhance sports performance and achieving personal goal of a healthier and dynamic lifestyle.

Vision & Mission

Core Values


To be the leading healthcare and fitness provider in promoting optimal health and well-being.


1.To deliver safe & reliable musculoskeletal care, integrated rehab exercises & strength training and sports recovery services.

2.To inspire and assist our clients in healthier lifestyle by Promoting, Restoring and Maintaining the physical well-being of our community.

3.To educate our clients and promote the importance of “Recover, Strengthen, Perform” and assist them in prevention of injury recurrence.

  • Improvement

We are committed to finding a new and innovative ways to serve our customers in order to enhance the values of our services.

  • Safety

We are committed to providing safe equipment, well maintained and supervised facilities and education through programming.

  • Friendliness

We are committed to creating fun, friendly and motivating environment to inspire positive lifestyle changes.

  • Superior services

We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the needs of our customers.