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About Us

At Dynamique, our passionate and multi-disciplinary team is providing expert treatment and management of all general musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

We treat individuals, not just injuries – everyone in our care has a program designed to meet their needs, their goals, and their life. We believe that the combination of hands-on physio manual skills and specific exercise prescription are the key to helping people of all ages and abilities to stay active.

From the humble beginning

Dynamique was founded in 2015 by a former national athlete and a nutritionist, together with a team of certified physiotherapists with a dream of helping the community to recover from musculoskeletal injuries, strengthen and restore their active life, and get moving again!

Our Founders

Sportswomen, Karen Yap and the Nutritionist, Kate Lai are the foundation of the crew who love sharing their experiences (both have undergone knee surgeries due to sports), knowledge, and professional expertise.

Photos of Centre

Why do we love what we do every day?

Seeing the big, warm and satisfied smiles on our client’s face!