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Ai-May Chin

(Jun 2022)

I highly recommend the team at Dynamique for any of your rehabilitation needs. Everyone there is encouraging & attentive; setting a conducive atmosphere for healing/strengthening. Not only do they focus on pain relief therapy for injuries but they also back it up with specific exercises to build supporting muscles in order to prevent reoccurrence of injury. It’s great to see healing progress on my knee injury.
My mother has also been benefiting from treatment for her back and knee pain. She is showing good progress in gait training as well.

Hiba Abdallah 

(Jan 2022)

Friendly, professional and caring staff. Clean, following the SOPs and punctual.
I had a problem for several years in my hip, knee and lower back, I went to different doctors and therapists but only Dynamique was excellent at knowing exactly how to help me feel better.
From the moment I entered it felt very comfortable. The staff let me know that they care and every one of them wants to know what may be bothering me. They keep asking me every time I go which activities I have done to give them a clearer insight on what may be the problem with my injuries. They always try to change the therapy depending on how I'm feeling to make it better and more relaxing. My therapist and my trainer communicate all the time to stay updated with my condition that day. What I also like is that if I feel bad on a day every staff member will know that I'm not feeling well and they will always try to make it better, am very grateful to find them.

 Thanks for helping me understand my body better Dynamique🙏.
Keep up the good work guys👍💪

Rajan Kaloo 

(Jan 2022)

I started at Dynamique in late 2021, with a series of issues with my knee. Today most of my issues are completely resolved, but am still continuing with strength and conditioning… so journey not done as yet.

That said, from day 1 I observed that Dynamique is full of trainers and physiotherapists who really care to help you achieve your goals and, very importantly, at a pace comfortable to you.

Communication between the team is so good that even when you get a different physio or trainer from “usual”, it is seamless. Really it feels like they are all emotionally invested and motivated to help you succeed.

Cannot recommend highly enough – so book your first session and see for yourself.

Evelyn Yap 

(Feb 2022)

Staffs here r friendly and professional. Place is clean SOP being followed well. My daughter’s hunch back n back problems improved so much after some physio treatment and rehab exercise. She started to love exercise n workout since then. She’ll perform her workout or jogging  daily no matter how busy she is. She was so happy that she managed to lose some weight too.I decided to send my the other 2 children to train there since been locked at home for so long due to the MCO. I noticed all 3 of them have strengthened their muscles and more healthy now. Highly recommended if u wish to have a better lifestyle !

Intan S 

(Jun 2022)

I found out about Dynamique via google search. It was for my daughter who had a right ankle sprain during her rg training. I actually whatsapped them on their off day but they replied and attended to my questions/concerns regardless. Plus, they even entertained my last minute call to book a physio slot for my daughter. For that I'm thankful. I've started to see my daughter's improvement after 2nd physio session which was great. What's good at Dynamique is they also provide strength and conditioning exercises to help strengthen the weakened injury area on top of the physio sessions. Thanks to Dynamique attentive and caring staff especially Atira and Zi, I got a sense of confidence that my daughter was in good hands throughout her sessions and she's now ready for her competition.

Samantha Richards 

(Apr 2022)

I've been  going here on a weekly basis for almost 4 years.  They do a great job of helping people recover from injury and then get stronger.

Staff team are great, facilities are clean and well maintained, and they are innovative so I am still motivated to come after so many years.